Timber in bathrooms | mafi is the solution

The usual reaction to timber flooring & bathrooms is that the two do not mix. Mafi have been using timber in bathrooms world wide for over 30 years and we wanted to share with you our trade secrets on how timber can be used successfully and effortlessly in bathrooms and wet...

Mafi Vulcano: A Healthy Alternative

Mafi Timber are proud to be the first to offer a real alternative to tropical timbers through the Mafi Vulcano Thermal Heat Treatment. The treatment utilises strictly natural, environmentally friendly processes to darken the pigment of the wood. Unlike smoked and stained floors, no chemicals are...

Mafi Wins the Energy Globe Award 2011

Mafi has won the prestigious Energy Globe Award for its production of timber as part of the Linz Chamber of Commerce annual Energy Globe World Awards ceremony. At Mafi we have always believed in an ecological and sustainable approach to our work with wood. A strong focus on maintaining an...

Nature is Better than Plastic

A study by University Professor Dr. Rupert Wimmer, University for Floor Culture Vienna: Coming to terms with Wood On the question of whether wood would also be used in hospitals, Robert Stingl, a dedicated wood researcher at the University of Floor Culture Vienna (Boku), already fairly often...

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