About Mafi


Mafi produces natural  finished, engineered timber floor boards. Mafi has remained committed to improving the health and aesthetics of the living space, with the same social, environmental and economical integrity as it was when the business first started. Mafi creates a 100% natural product of the highest quality and embodies a responsibility towards the environment. Selected from sustainable forests all over Europe, Mafi produces over 400,000m2 of hand crafted, wide plank floors every year, each one being manufactured according to the client specifications. Despite being internationally orientated mafi endeavours to remain “100% made in Austria” ensuring a superior quality and service from start to finish.


Mafi’s foundations stretch back to the end of the First World War, with the humble beginnings of the Fillafer family. A sawmill in the grounds of the family home bordering the Kobernaußen forest just 35km outside of Salzburg, Austria, lead the family to develop wooden ceilings, joists and unique hand carved decorations.

Over the years, the family-owned business perfected the art of wood processing, combining tradition with innovation to manufacture superior, solid engineered timber flooring. Mafi was the first Company in the Industry to design a lacquer-free, completely naturally oiled flooring surface. The oils used are based on natural raw materials. These natural properties support the wood by preserving and highlighting its natural qualities.

mafi today

Today, Mafi is the trendsetter in the area of natural wooden floor boards. Continuous innovation along with the highest quality and naturalness has made Mafi sought after world-wide. With maximum quality, ecological responsibility and individual product solutions mafi demands the highest standards of itself and thus ensures ongoing successes across the entire line.

Mafi Australia began trading in 2008 and has developed a solid foundation in the design and architecture industry. Directed by Michael Milling, Mafi Australia continues to grow and bring beautiful, environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable products to their customers.