Asthma & Allergies

Over 2.2 million Australians suffer from Asthma with 80 percent of these people also suffering from allergies*. Mafi offer a better flooring choice to help alleviate the symptoms of asthma and allergies by improving indoor air quality.

Chemicals, smoke, dust, mould, pollen and dust mites are all triggers asthma and allergies and largely a result of poor indoor air quality. Mafi all-natural products and processes work as a system to effectively reduce these harmful and annoying environmental triggers.

Mafi timber floors have the ability to improve indoor air quality due to the following reasons

  • Mafi’s all-natural finish ensures the timber can breathe, filtering and cleaning the air.
  • The natural hygroscopicity effect of wood helps regulate humidity and remove moisture that germs and mould need to survive.
  • Mafi floorboards are 100 percent chemical free with no VOCs and no formaldehyde, using only natural oils to treat and maintain the timber in its natural state.
  • Wood is antibacterial and self cleans.


Mafi have been a proud partner and sponsor of the Sensitive Choice program for almost a decade 2013-2020 and continue to applaud their important work.

The National Asthma Foundation’s Sensitive Choice® program is about helping Australians to recognise products and brands that offer asthma and allergy care. The Sensitive Choice blue butterfly symbol is displayed on products that support the cause. To find out more information about at the National Asthma Foundation’s Sensitive Choice® program click here.

* Australian Centre for Asthma Monitoring. Asthma in Australia 2011. Canberra: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2011.