Carving Kids II | Lye Treated | Brushed White Oil

Carving Kids II is one example of Mafi’s innovative approach to revolutionising the way we manufacture and use wood.
Mafi’s Carving technology engraves designs on to Larch wood planks. The graphic design runs along the floor plank and is repeated several times lengthwise.

Mafi floors stand out due to their longevity and robustness, and are 100% all-natural, free from harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

This hand crafted, engineered board consists of three-layers with the top and bottom made of the same species, ensuring perfect balance. The middle layer is conifer and runs across the grain for added strength. The layers are glued together with an all-natural glue of water, lime and plant acid.

This board comes pre-finished with a superior all-natural oil finish making it suitable for heavily frequented domestic and commercial areas, as well as over under floor heating and in bathrooms. Carving Kids II has been designed to spark the imagination of your child, and with Mafi’s superior surface finish, your children can impose their own stamp on the floor as it is paint and dirt friendly!

Each board comes with a micro bevel on the long side with tongue and groove on all sides for easy installation and to prevent splintering.

Larch wood features healthy knots, with the possibility of small splay knots. Small cracks and sapwood possible.

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Item Number
Carving Kids II, Lye Treated, Brushed White Oil
2480 mm
190 mm
16/19 mm

Warm Under Foot



Easy Care

Healthy Living Conditions
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