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This humble house is full of intricate details which show the versatility of mafi. This series of intimate vignettes show another side of a hardwearing product such as mafi.

Oak Clear Brushed Grey Oil1


The palette throughout is subdued with greys, muted metallics and crisp white. It is the textures in the woven sheers, the stone walls and the natural timber grain used throughout which bring this house to life as the natural sunlight beams through and reflects off these surfaces, changing the space as the day goes by.


Oak Clear Brushed Grey Oil2


mafi Oak Character Brushed Grey Oil was used extensively throughout for flooring, cabinetry, custom made stairs and balustrade details. Oak Character is defined by its relatively clear appearance with only small knots and no cracks. The golden hue of European Oak is subdued with a mafi grey oil finish offering a modern aesthetic.


Oak Clear Brushed Grey Oil6


This feels like an intimate and calming place to spend time, with the textures used throughout you can’t help but want to reach out and touch the perfectly finished timber detailing, especially the battens running beside the stairs.


Oak Clear Brushed Grey Oil10


Oak Clear Brushed Grey Oil9


Oak Clear Brushed Grey Oil8


Oak Clear Brushed Grey Oil7


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