Domino Larch | Vulcano | Sanded Natural Oil

Mafi embraces the use of new technologies and modern philosophies to bring you one of their most innovative ranges yet – Domino. This solid wood floor is made of different end grain blocks that give this floor an incredible look and stability. Each block has its own unique colour ranging from dark to medium browns, which can be attributed to the Mafi vulcano thermo heat treatment.

Mafi floors stand out due to their longevity and robustness, and are 100% all-natural, free from harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

Structurally, the elements are composed of 40 x 40 mm square end grain pieces held together by a special net. Due to the extreme robust qualities of the Mafi Domino, use of this flooring includes, but is not limited to, ateliers and commercial properties, raised floors and on wall and ceiling surfaces.

Domino floors come unfinished and the surface finish is carried out on site. Installation and finishing should only be carried out by Mafi expert installers.

Isolated stress cracks and expansion gaps are possible. These do not however influence the functionality of the floor, such as strength and stress bearing properties, in any way.

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Item Number
Domino, Vulcano, Sanded Natural Oil
400 mm
200 mm
9/19 mm

Warm Under Foot



Easy Care

Healthy Living Conditions
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