Don’t just observe art, Walk on Art.

In the same way modern artists experiment with the nature of materials and functions of art, mafi takes the same approach when creating natural wood floors. It’s all about creating a space that doesn’t intimidate anyone but feels natural and comfortable. ‘What we set out to do was to make modern art approachable and attractive.’ Damien Hirst of Other Criteria Art Store explains.


Larch Domino_gallery9


Located between Marylebone High Street and Oxford Street in London, Other Criteria sells editions of small sculptures, jewellery, china, books, some clothes as well as prints and photography by a range of artists.


Larch Domino_gallery10


Designed by Michel Schranz for & on behalf of Mike Rundell MRJ Rundell + Associates, mafi Domino Larch Sanded White Oil was selected for not only the flooring but the stairs throughout the gallery.


Larch Domino_gallery6


The 44 sets of hands that go into creating a mafi floor are similar to an artist working on their next piece. The focus is often to create something that is meaningful, interesting and of lasting quality.

Mafi Larch Domino is a natural, robust and fresh floor, full of character. The shop can hold it’s own in the presence of wonderful art – a full concept store.


Larch Domino_gallery3


The product is made up of raw, end grain blocks delivered on small mesh sheets. Oiled on-site with mafi all natural oil, the finished result is never short of spectacular.


Larch Domino_gallery5


The mafi Domino intrigues, excites and invites. Visitors quite literally get the desire to feel the natural end grain timber, observe and Walk on Art.



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