The Log Cabin by Simone & Rhys Haag

You may have already come across this beautiful home belonging to and designed by Simone & Rhys Haag. Affectionately named The Log Cabin, this young family home is perched above the picturesque Dandenong ranges in Melbourne’s quiet suburb of Ringwood.


Simone_ Larch Lye Treated. Eve Wilson
Photo by Eve Wilson & courtesy of Haymes Paint


Simone, working for interior design studio Hecker Guthrie at the time, and Rhys a construction manager, the clever duo completed the renovation in just 3 months! Beautifully thought out, Simone & Rhys kept the original 70’s floor plan with its circular living space, yet the aesthetic of the home now has a fresh and relaxed, scandinavian vibe.


Armelle Habib_Simone Haag2
Photo by Armelle Habib


As hinted in it’s name, The Log Cabin has a natural, cosy and back to basics feel to it. Blessed with the forest at its doorstep, this home called for finishes that were simple, refined and felt good. Mafi flooring in Larch Lye Treated Brushed White Oil was laid throughout the kitchen, dining and main living areas.


Simone - Larch Lye Treated4
Photo by Eve Wilson & courtesy of Haymes Paint


Selected for it’s appearance and natural benefits, mafi Larch wood has a soft, light colour and an obvious grain that is characteristic of conifer woods. The white oiled floorboards were selected in a 220mm width. The additional Lye Treatment lightens the timber even more by counteracting the warm undertone of the natural wood.


Armelle Habib_Simon Haag3
Photo by Armelle Habib


The brushed and oiled surface of mafi gives the home a warm and textured base. The natural plant fats that make up mafi oil soap leave the Log Cabin with a beautiful woody scent with every wash.


Sean Fennessy_Simone Haag1
Photo by Sean Fennessy


Tank, the dog gets to kick back and enjoy home too. Mafi flooring is pet friendly and scratch resistant. The brushed and oiled surface means Tank doesn’t slip or slide because there is no need to claw and grip the surface.


Armelle Habib_Simone Haag1
Photo by Armelle Habib

Tank - Simone Haag
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Photos via Haymes Paint, The Design Files & Elle UK

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