Using mafi Timber in Bathrooms and Wet Areas

Your space to cleanse, balance and rest

Let the warm and luxurious feel of a mafi natural wooden floor take you to a place where you can cleanse and relax in the privacy of your own home. Permeating through the entire mafi philosophy is an appreciation for wood in its purest state. Mafi wooden flooring is made solely of raw renewable materials and because a Mafi floor is not sealed, the natural characteristics of wood are preserved.

Unlike other timber floors, the natural oils used with  allow the wood to absorb water and return it back to the room, in other words the floor is able to ‘breathe’. In keeping its natural state the wood does not give way to cupping or warping and even more impressive is how Mafi flooring actively filters smells and purifies the air.

Mafi has a guaranteed worldwide quality assurance for bathrooms and wet areas, making the mafi system unique to any other. This system allows the floor a flow of warm energies, creating a comfortable warm floor to step onto out of the shower or bath. This means no more cold tiles – we agree, bliss! Not to mention it is a non-slip surface.

If this isn’t luxury enough, go all out with Mafi Fresco range, ideally suited for installation in indoor spa and bathroom areas. The fresco range utilises technological innovation, creating a three-dimensional surface on Mafi Vulcano heat-treated Beech wood. Use it on the walls or ceilings to give your wet room an added edge, or use it on the floor and treat your feet to an invigorating massage – you will never want to leave. Find out more about Mafi Vulcano treatment here.

Mafi brings to you an exclusive line of timber products that will add timeless beauty and luxury to any wet area or bathroom. Find out more about Mafi bathrooms here.

Oak Wide Plank Country Brushed Natural Oil

Tiger Oak Black Fill Brushed Natural Oil

Tiger Oak Black Fill Brushed Natural Oil

Fresco Duna Natural Oil

Oak Clear Brushed White Oil

Oak Vulcano Brushed Natural Oil


Oak Clear Brushed White Oil


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