Mafi Grey Floor Oil

Mafi Grey Floor Oil is solvent-free natural oil, for treatment of all Mafi wooden flooring, wooden staircases and solid wood furniture. All Mafi floors come prefinished with one coat of natural oil and a second coat is applied after the installation is complete. This superior finish allows the floor to retain all of the benefits that wood naturally has.

Grey oil is based on linseed oil and dry substances that are free from lead and zinc. The grey oil has titanium dioxide and carbon for the pigmentation. The oil is free from harmful substances and toxic chemicals such as biocide, turpentine and formaldehyde.

With the all-natural oil finish the wood can still breathe naturally and the oil enhances the antistatic properties of the wood. Regular washing with Mafi Grey Oil Soap will continue to develop the wood’s surface, creating a more robust and hardwearing surface.

Mafi Professional Oil is available for trade use. Please contact a Product Consultant for more information.


Materials such as cloths, fleece, sheep wool pads that are soaked in oil must be immediately soaked in water and left to dry outdoors! Keep out of reach of children. Should not be poured into drains.

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For professionals working with factory oiled grey Mafi floors.
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