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Beautiful timber flooring shouldn’t have to stop at your living room. Enjoy the warm and brushed textured feel of Mafi Timber in every room of your home, including your kitchen. Wood is a natural and renewable resource with properties that have a profound and ‘feel good’ effect on people when treated in the most natural way possible. Non-slip and antibacterial, Mafi Timber is great for kitchen floors and cabinetry.

Mafi Oak Country Wide Plank Brushed Natural Oil


Mafi Timber is unique in its ability to be used in wet areas, bathrooms and kitchens alike. Mafi’s 3-layer engineered boards consist of the same solid timber on both the top and bottom layers, guaranteeing the application of Mafi Timber in kitchens and wet areas. This unique structure provides superior stability and prevents warping or cupping which typically occurs when wood is exposed to moisture. To find out more about the superior structure and quality of Mafi wooden floor boards click here.

Mafi Timber uses an all-natural oil finish. The oil penetrates the woods pores and hardens, making the surface extremely hardwearing whilst allowing the woods pores to remain open and breathable. The all-natural finish allows wood to naturally process moisture, regulate humidity and filter smells. This all-natural oil finish gives our clients the freedom to use timber for just about any application, including heavily frequented domestic and commercial areas, as well as over under floor heating and in kitchens. To read more about the Mafi all-natural oil finish click here.

Mafi oil is available in three different colours: natural, white and grey. The timber and oil varieties give the timber surface a different appearance to create any look you are going for; For example, Mafi Oak Clear White Oil gives a light, clean, modern look with no knots or cracks. If you desire a look that is more natural and classic, Oak Country Natural Oil has knots, crack lines and a colour tone that displays the character and natural charm of wood.

Oak Country Brushed White Oil

Tiger Oak Black Brushed Natural Oil

Oak Vulcano Brushed White Oil

Oak Country Brushed White Oil


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