Mafi Natural Oil Soap

Mafi Oil Soap was developed to care and maintain Mafi oiled indoor wooden flooring, wooden staircases and solid wood furniture. The Mafi Wood Floor Soap has an extra high oil content, which not only cleans the floor with each use but also re-oils it to help prevent cracks and drying. The soap is a water-based solution made from self-renewable natural materials, such as vegetable oils and citric acid.

Mafi Oil Soap is the only product to be used on a Mafi wood floor. A Mafi wood floor should be regularly washed with Mafi Wood Floor Soap. This is to be done when the floor looks dry and/or soiled. Depending on the application this could be twice a month, once a month, or less. With regular washing, a Mafi wood floor will become more robust and hardwearing, which will require less and less maintenance overtime.

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Cleaning and maintenance of Mafi natural oiled floors.
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