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Creating a safe, healthy and non toxic environment for your family starts from the ground up. Whilst most of us are aware of the physical dangers around the home, something that many of us aren’t aware of are the dangers of VOC’s which cannot be seen by the naked eye.


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VOC’s such as formaldehyde can be found in everything including the glues, paints and varnishes in furniture and flooring as well as clothing, cleaning and bath products. Exposure to these chemicals can have a number of health implications including asthma, headaches, convulsions and respiratory problems.

Children spend a lot of their their time on the floor, and this is where heavy chemicals and particles gather so it’s important to select a floor that not only contains low VOC’s, but one that does not trap dust, mould, allergens and chemicals.


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Mafi wood floors are chemical free, containing no Formaldehyde. With an all natural oil finish mafi floors can breathe. This means mafi is naturally antibacterial, self cleaning, filters the air and removes moisture that germs and mould need to survive.

Partnered with the National Asthma Council of Australia’s (NACA) Sensitive Choice Program, mafi help to alleviate the symptoms of asthma and allergies by improving indoor air quality.


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Whether a mafi floor is facilitating play time for the kids or creating a space for rest, it’s all about using mafi in a way that benefits your health and the the way you live. “The kids play on the floor everywhere. It’s not just one play area, and that’s just it for me! They play all over the house”, explains our client about her mafi Oak Country floor.


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Mafi is referred to as the third skin, you wash yourself with natural products, you clothe yourself with natural products and then surround yourself with natural products.

Mafi care-free maintenance uses an alternative to cleaning with harmful chemicals. The all natural oil soap cleans and re oils the floor with every wash using only plant fats and acids, which nourish the timber. Kids are messy and sticky, mafi floors are to be lived on and enjoyed, hassle free.


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The natural matte surface of mafi boards provide a warm, non slip and scratch resistant surface, perfect for kids and pets. Mafi is more than a floor, it is the base for a healthier, chemical free home.


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Did you know baby clothing in the EU is allowed to have 17 times more Formaldehyde than a mafi floorboard contains?

The product featured here is mafi Carving Kids.

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