Kitchens are for hanging out on mafi

Nowadays the kitchen is possibly the best place in the house to hang out. Open plan spaces are all about continuos flowing areas and are becoming more and more popular for encouraging interaction within the home. Timber floors are inviting and a great option if you want to create a comfortable and social environment.


Oak Vulcano Medium(3)


Mafi Oak Vulcano Medium Brushed Natural Oil Wide Plank floorboards were selected for this modern kitchen adding an abundance of character and timeless appeal. The natural wood floorboards lengthen the proportions of the kitchen and in effect elongate the space even further.


Oak Vulcano Medium1


Our new Oak Vulcano Medium means that mafi oak is now available in a comprehensive range of shades. This one’s a happy medium indeed with its subtle golden brown hue achieved from our Vulcano heat treatment process.


Oak Vulcano Medium4


Install mafi over underfloor heating and you’ll be breakfasting in complete comfort keeping those toes toasty on cold winter mornings. Mafi is perfectly suitable for use over underfloor heating due to its superior three layer solid wood construction. mafi is 100% natural so no chemicals or VOC’s will be released from any mafi floor when heated.


Oak Vulcano Medium5



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