Next level with Mafi Fresco

Rough textures and luxurious finishes elevate this apartment block from being a modern abstract set of apartments to an executive luxury set of high rise apartments. Sky-high living reaches a whole new level with the raw, earthy textures of Mafi natural wood flooring in Beech Fresco Punto White Oil.


Fresco Punto White Oil_1


There is an emerging art movement that explores mankind’s desire to reconnect to the earth through the built environment. This apartment displays a harmonious relationship between man and nature by exploring what it means to design with nature in mind.


Fresco Punto White Oil_2


Fresco Punto is an example of Mafi’s innovative approach to revolutionising the way we manufacture and use wood. Using new technologies, Mafi transforms the surface of beech wood planks into precision engineered 3D works of art that can be used as a design element for walls, ceilings and as flooring.


Fresco Punto White Oil_3


Mafi’s Fresco collection offers natural timber with unique textured patterns that look and feel extraordinary, modern and completely natural. Contrast is accentuated in this apartment as sharp, clean lines are juxtaposed with rough, textured finishes.


Fresco Punto White Oil_4


Mafi continues throughout the apartment hallways and into the rooms. Downstairs, the modern glass cellar keeps a traditional elegance with Mafi’s natural engineered timber flooring, the rich colour achieved by baking the natural timber creates the dark earthy texture. The Fresco Punto engraving texturises the somewhat transparent room, creating interest alongside the clean glass finishes.


Fresco Punto White Oil_5


With Mafi’s textured Punto flooring under foot, the space is reminiscent of the wonder and beauty of nature, whilst still using the very latest in technology.

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