Quality & Structure

What sets Mafi timbers apart from other timber products is the superior quality and structure of each timber floor board.

Each board is hand crafted, passing through at least 44 sets of hands to assure a timber board with structural integrity and longevity.

The boards are made up of a 3-layer contruction. The top and bottom layers are the same wood, ensuring perfect balance and preventing warping or cupping over underfloor heating. The middle layer is a fast growing conifer and runs across the grain for added strength.
The product is true to Mafi’s sustainable approach, with a no compromise, lacquer free, all-natural finish and all-natural glue. A naturally finished timber flooring means the wood can still breathe, regulating the humidity and cleaning the air. Further to this, it is scratch proof and stiletto proof!
No harmful chemicals are used  in the production of Mafi products, protecting you from harmful toxins released from chemically treated timber products.