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This Easter indulge in dark, rich, sensuous mafi wooden floors. Handcrafted by our very own expert artisans in Austria, mafi have been perfecting the art of dark, natural, oiled timber floors for over 90 years.


Ash Dark Vulcano Brushed Natural Oil_5


Carefully passed through 44 sets of hands, mafi boards are crafted using natural and environmentally conscious processes. The deep lustrous colour of mafi’s dark range of wooden boards is achieved with only heat, wind and water – a process that we fondly call mafi Vulcano.


Acacia Vulcano Brushed Natural Oil_2


Nero Oak Volcano brushed natural oil 2


Quality is obvious from the very moment you look at a mafi 3 layered solid board, unlike stained and smoked timbers mafi’s dark range of timber boards have deep and rich colouring all the way through the wooden board with no additives or chemicals.


Acacia Vulcano Brushed Natural Oil_5


We source the highest quality material from European and FSC certified forests. Guilt free with no chemicals added, mafi partner with the National Asthma Council of Australia to promote healthy living.


oak vulcano white


oak vulcano white 2


mafi is all about the experience, our boards are thoughtfully finished so that no barrier lies between you and nature. Our specially designed natural oil finish lets you see the character, feel the grain and enjoy the natural scent of raw wood.


Ash Dark Vulcano Brushed Natural Oil_3


Europe makes the best chocolate, so go on, enjoy the dark, rich, chocolaty goodness of mafi Vulcano.


Beech Vulcano Fresco Duna Natural Oil 02[7]


Oak Vulcano Brushed Natural Oil


Nero Coral Oak Silver White Oil


Nero Coral Oak White Natural Oil


Click here to see the mafi dark timber range.

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