Shareen Joel Design

Shareen Joel Design

mafi has worked with Shareen Joel Design across many luxury houses in Melbourne, including her own Sorrento Beach House.

Shareen Joel is a deisgn all-rounder and director of eponymous multi-disciplinary design studio Shareen Joel Design. Throughout the 20-years of her career, she has staked her reputation on the simple, balanced and elegant aesthetic that now precedes her. In 2011, Joel extended her influence from design industry to design consumer when she co-founded online interiors resource Share Design (, the ultimate resource for home, interior & design inspiration.

As principal of SJD, launched in 2003, Joel spearheads a team of likeminded creative specialists. Together, the studio beings joel’s passion for pushing boundaries across all platforms of creative directionfrom product design to interior architecture and visual brand management. It is in this spirit that SJD has forged cohesive and edolent identities for retail and commercial clients includign Witchery, Country Road, Seed, Sheridan, Seafolly, Maquarie Bank and Dulux.

Joel sets trends but she doesn’t subscribe to them; her work is explorative but also steeped in longevity. Residential clients share an affinity with the honest materials and classic proportions that underpin the Shareen Joel signature. Still, the designer’s style is secondary to context and lifestyle.


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Mobile: 0417 552 265



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