Sorrento Beach House by Shareen Joel Design

Looking through the mafi archives, this has to be one of our absolute favourites. Tucked away in Sorrento, in the Mornington Peninsula this casual weekender by Shareen Joel Design is a stunning use of mafi.


Photo by Brooke Holm

Belonging to Share Design founder and one of Melbourne’s leading Industrial & Interior designers Shareen Joel, it is no surprise that this space offers everything and more that you might imagine of an idyllic beach house; relaxed, enjoyable & easy living.


shareen-joel-residence-11Photo by Brooke Holm

The cleverly resolved design is perfectly nurtured with mafi Larch Lye Treated Brushed White Oil flooring. Leaving your shoes and worries at the door, this retreat offers a complete coastal experience.



Shareen-Joel-Residence-1Photo by Brooke Holm

With sustainability in mind, Shareen wanted the house to sit within the environment without disrupting the landscape. Smart design solutions meant recycled materials were used throughout, with loads of natural timbers and warm finishes.


Shareen-Joel-Residence-2Photo by Brooke Holm

Shareen really wanted a space that felt as if it had already been lived in, with nothing too precious. This is one of the many reasons mafi is integrated throughout the space with its hardwearing properties and easy care-free maintenance. Mafi oil soap cleans and re-oils the floor with every mop.


shareen-joel-residence-8Photo by Brooke Holm

Scroll through and admire the thoughtful design and simple features that make this project so special.


 Photo by Brooke Holm

Shareen-Joel-Residence-3Photo by Brooke Holm

Shareen-Joel-Residence-5Photo by Brooke Holm

Shareen-Joel-Residence-6Photo by Brooke Holm


Photo by Brooke Holm

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