Mafi Pre-Finished & Custom Stairs

Mafi stairs come in a great range of purpose fit options to extend and compliment the look of any Mafi floor. We also have a wide range of solid wood skirting to choose from.

The pre-fabricated step treads and skirting are available across our entire range of Mafi timber and finishes, and come in five styles to give you different options for a beautiful factory edge finish.

Type 1 is a 60mm, 3-layer engineered tread. This style is a structural step that can be secured to a stair frame.

Type 2 is a 16mm or 19mm thick, 3-layer engineered tread with one finished edge. Both Type 1 and 2 stair treads will give the client a solid stair look, and are very stable due to Mafi’s 3-layer structure.

Type 3 is a 10mm, 2-layer engineered tread with one finished edge.

Type 4 is a complete finished stair, including both the tread and the riser. This allows for an easy install and flawless finished staircase.

Type 5 is our standard stair detail with an attached bullnose to the tread for easy installation.

Mafi also produce custom stairs, partnering with clients to create something unique and purpose fit. We can manufacture stairs to suit the client’s individual style, giving the architect, designer or homeowner the ability to create a unique and expertly crafted staircase.  Mafi have created beautiful, one-of-a-kind stairs, from cantilevered to solid stairs. To see more on Mafi Custom Stairs click here.

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