Traditional Austrian Barn | Revived with mafi

Craftmanship and honest design is throughout everything coming out of Austria, and this hotel situated in Turnau just outside of Vienna, is no exception.

Once a barn, The Steirereck hotel was transformed to meet the modern needs of guests and visitors whilst maintaining the simple, unpretentious and natural charm of its origins.


Larch Brushed Natural Oil_Steirereck5


The welcoming area and fine dining restaurant is a great introduction to the space. The use of raw wood in the old beams and the new mafi floor make this a modern warm space with several ties back to its history.

The larch was a great option because of its rich colour and pronounced grain complementing many of the original features of the barn.


Larch Brushed Natural Oil_Steirereck3


Double height ceilings in the central reception area are accentuated to reveal the original structure of the barn. Voids in the central space create a vertical connection, where balconies reflect an open hay loft and act to create more space with two separate levels.


Larch Brushed Natural Oil_Steirereck4 

Raw wooden beams, walls and roof timbering alongside mafi Larch Brushed Natural Oil floors dominate the feel and shape of the hotel.


Larch Brushed Natural Oil_Steirereck1


Slanted ceilings in the bedrooms play on the original structure. Glass features, animal artwork and furniture made from untreated pine all complete the space.


Larch Brushed Natural Oil_5


Each guest room has its own heated mafi floor that continues seamlessly into each bathroom. The owners weren’t shy to use mafi to its full potential, installing it over underfloor heating, in the bathrooms and in high traffic areas throughout.


Larch Brushed Natural Oil_Steirereck2


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